Atlendis Labs Year in Review

Looking back on Atlendis Labs' journey in 2022
  • February – Audit reports of Atlendis V1 (Runtime Verification & PeckShield)
  • March – Atlendis whitepaper & Polygon Ecosystem DAO Grant to Atlendis Labs & PBWS event & ETHDubai 
  • AprilDevconnect Amsterdam 
  • May – Atlendis Labs at BlockSplit 
  • June – Launch of Atlendis protocol on Polygon Bug Bounty program, first loan emitted to ZigZag Exchange on June 13 for $1.1M with a 60 day maturity 
  • July – EthCC Week Paris – Crypto Finance Forum, Polygon Connect, Atlendis presentation at EthCC and Future of France event 
  • October – Atlendis Polygon $MATIC rewards (132,500 $MATIC) & deploys its first staking contracts & Atlendis reaches $4M in cumulative emitted loans – October
  • November – “Web3 DNA” meetup
  • Key Atlendis stats year to date:
    • 7,159 all time unique lenders with over 8.5k active positions in the protocol
    • More than $5M of issued loans
    • Over 17K user transactions (deposits, rate changes and withdrawals)
    • 6 institutional borrowers onboarded on the protocol

So much has happened for Atlendis Labs over the past 12 months that we prepared an overview to look back at the highlights and milestones of 2022.


  • Ensuring a high standard of security for lenders and borrowers is a priority for the Atlendis Labs’ team. As such, Atlendis Labs hired two external independent auditors, Runtime Verification and PeckShield, to audit the Atlendis protocol’s V1 smart contracts.


  • The Atlendis Labs’ team proudly shared the whitepaper of the Atlendis protocol V1 with the community and open sourced the code, in order to build the future of DeFi credit markets and develop the most efficient capital management solutions together. 
  • The Polygon Ecosystem DAO awarded a grant to Atlendis Labs to support the integration of the Atlendis protocol on Polygon. Atlendis aims to bring a new array of financing solutions to the Polygon community, thanks to technological innovations enabling credit markets and lending to real-world businesses. Atlendis users benefit from a smooth experience thanks to Polygon’s scalability, fast transaction execution speeds and low gas fees.
  • Atlendis Labs sponsored the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week that attracted over 3,000 attendees. The Atlendis Labs team welcomed visitors at their booth and Alexis Masseron, CEO of Atlendis Labs, presented the Atlendis protocol.
  • The Atlendis protocol was presented at ETHDubai, the largest gathering of the Ethereum community in the Middle East.


  • At Devconnect in Amsterdam, Atlendis Labs co-hosted a DeFi Happy Hour with CowSwap on the theme of capital efficiency, in an Aussie themed bar a stone’s throw away from Devconnect’s co-working space. Web3 enthusiasts and professionals, investors, DAOs and friends soon filled the venue and its outdoor terrace. 


  • Atlendis Labs sponsored BlockSplit, the leading Web3 conference in Croatia to bring together blockchain startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketeers, designers and more in the heart of the Mediterranean. Alexis Masseron presented the Atlendis protocol to the audience. 


  • Atlendis Labs started the month with the launch of the Atlendis protocol. Atlendis addresses capital inefficiencies in the DeFi credit market and provides solutions for recurring liquidity needs and non-dilutive financing. 
  • The first loan on Atlendis was emitted to ZigZag Exchange on June 13 for $1.1M on a 60 day maturity.
  • Atlendis Labs worked with Immunefi to offer a bug bounty program focused on the Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts with the objective of preventing the use of the Atlendis protocol in an unintended manner.


  • During EthCC Week, Charlotte Eli, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Atlendis Labs, participated in a panel during the Crypto Finance Forum organized by ADAN on the topic of “Web3, DeFi, DAO: where does decentralized innovation stop?”
  • Alexis Masseron, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlendis Labs, presented a demo of the Atlendis protocol at the Polygon Connect event and spoke on “Bringing institutions into the Polygon ecosystem through Atlendis’ capital-efficient DeFi credit protocol.”
  • Atlendis Labs kickstarted the EthCC week on Monday, July 18th, hosting the Future of France event in an Hôtel Particulier with friends from the French crypto space, Morpho, Paladin, Adan, Angle, APWine, Jarvis, Mangrove, ParaSwap, Sismo and Synaps. The event gave guests a glimpse of the next generation of French blockchain-native companies building decentralized finance solutions.
  • EthCC held in the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris’ 5th arrondissement, gathered more than 250 speakers coming from around the world, including Alexis Masseron, CEO of Atlendis Labs, who presented DeFi 2.0 and how Web3 actors can benefit from DeFi credit protocols. 


  • Atlendis Labs launched staking contracts that will find multiple use-cases to secure the protocol while increasing lenders’ potential rewards.
  • Staking contracts’ first use case was announced by Atlendis Labs with a 132,500 MATIC rewards program with Polygon launching on the Atlendis protocol. 
  • As part of the French Fintech Week in Paris, Charlotte Eli, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Atlendis Labs was invited to participate in a DeFi round table during the Forum Fintech ACPR-AMF 2022 organized by France’s equivalent to the SEC, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and the ACPR
  • Charlotte represented Atlendis Labs and met with Jean-Noël Barrot, the French Minister for Digital Transition & Telecommunications, along with other members of ADAN to discuss DeFi related topics such as the paradigm of trust, decentralization, and legal and tax issues of the industry.
  • Atlendis reached $4M in cumulative emitted loans this month.


  • Alexis Masseron participated in a panel on the theme of “Web3 Legos: Exploration of DeFi Synergies” with other founders during the Web3 DNA meetup in Paris. The event was co-sponsored by French DeFi ecosystem innovators Atlendis Labs, APWine, Angle Protocol, Paladin and Sismo.


  • The Atlendis protocol crosses the $5M cumulative repaid loans milestone.
  • The Atlendis protocol surpasses 7,000 unique lenders.

Key Atlendis stats to highlight year-to-date

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