Atlendis News | February 2022

Atlendis News | February 2022

Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

What happened at Atlendis…

So much has happened in February in the Atlendis World (formerly known as the JellyWorld). The main news is of course our new name!

  • We released an announcement about the name change to inform the Atlendis community about the rationale and narrative behind the Atlendis name and below is a brief summary:

“As the organization evolves and in preparation for the launch of the protocol and the DAO, it is the right time to pivot. The name Atlendis fits with the existing brand and encompasses prosperity, the idea of vastness, and endless possibilities for innovation. These themes are aligned with the concept of decentralized finance, a frontier that is just beginning to be explored in order to bring the benefits of new and innovative financial services to the reach of users at their fingertips.”

  • The smart contract audit of the Atlendis protocol by Runtime Verification is wrapping up! The Atlendis Labs team was pleased with the professionalism and availability of the auditing team. The audit report will be published soon.
  • With the audit concluded the Atlendis Labs development team will be open sourcing the Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts shortly on Atlendis Labs’ GitHub, and a bug bounty program will follow. Join the Atlendis Labs’ Discord to be the first bounty hunter to know when it is live.
  • Next up in the big announcements, the Atlendis Labs’ team published the Atlendis protocol V1 whitepaper. The whole community is encouraged to read it in order to find out more about the underlying logic and theory behind the protocol, and to be aware of the associated risks. For more information and questions, feel free to reach out to the Atlendis Labs team on the protocol’s Discord.
  • The Atlendis Labs’ Solidity team has worked on gas optimizations and integrated the new foundry framework which offers fast and flexible unit testing as well as gas consumption reports. The speed of foundry allowed for rapid iterations over various implementations that would lead to a reduction in gas consumption.

“You should use Foundry’s tools, forge and cast, if you want the fastest and most flexible Ethereum development environment which works out of the box without configuration or third party libraries.”

What’s Next?

“This course will teach you everything you need to know to embark on your DeFi adventure. Setting-up your Ethereum wallet, making your first trade on a decentralized exchange and much more.”

  • On the topic of governance Soulbound, by Vitalik Buterin offers an interesting take on governance transferability:

“If you take the proverb that ‘those who most want to rule people are those least suited to do it’ seriously, then you should be suspicious of transferability, precisely because transferability makes governance power flow away from the meek who are most likely to provide valuable input to governance and toward the power-hungry who are most likely to cause problems.”

“2022 could be the year you get into smart contract development. The market has a high demand for developers knowing their way around Solidity for Ethereum, and this is why the following roadmap could potentially help you get your foot in the door. […] And by learning Solidity and this development stack, you become proficient on multiple blockchains at once. From Ethereum, to Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and more, Solidity covers them all. […] by following the path presented here, you will learn all the basics, including advanced concepts, and become ready for a job.”

  • And for listeners, the excellent Zero Knowledge podcast and this specific episode on Ethereum scaling with Polygon.

Open Positions

Interested in being part of the Atlendis Labs’ team? Atlendis Labs is hiring a Head of Sales and Partnerships, and a Product Lead

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