Atlendis News | July 2022

Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

What happened at Atlendis Labs…

A lot has happened in the Atlendis world this month. Here is an overview of the main news:

  • Two new team members joined Atlendis Labs this month: Marcos, from Argentina, is joining as Product Lead and Adrien, from France, as a Business Developer. Welcome Marcos and Adrien 🥂!
  • Wintermute, one of the leading digital assets market makers,  became a borrower on the Atlendis protocol and opened an initial $10 million capacity USDC pool with Credora granting Wintermute an AA credit score. Deposit now!
  • Atlendis Labs had a full week at EthCC Paris – Please find the highlights in this blog post.
  • Atlendis hosted the Future of France party to kickstart the EthCC week on Monday, July 18, together with French protocols, Morpho, Paladin, Angle, APWine, Jarvis, Mangrove, ParaSwap, Sismo, Synaps and the French Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN).

  • Borrower tutorials are now available on Atlendis’ blog and on Atlendis’ YouTube channel.
  • Borrowers on the Atlendis protocol now share some additional information about their use-case for the loan, thus helping lenders understand, learn about innovative use-cases and assess the risk of lending to them. Here it is.
  • Beta testers of the Atlendis protocol received a POAP to thank them for their feedback and participation in improving the product before its official launch.

  • Lenders can now track their positions on Atlendis thanks to recent integrations with and DeBank! And it’s not too late to upvote integration on Zerion ✌️
  • The Dapp List also recently listed Atlendis on their community curated web3 app store.
  • Atlendis was at the core of a Snapshot vote for a governance proposal on Angle – an overcollateralized stablecoin protocol that launched agEUR. The goal is for Angle DAO to gradually fund the soon-to-open Sirox Finance agEUR pool and unlock new opportunities for agEUR holders. More details in this thread 🧵
  • Sirox Finance has opened an agEUR pool on Atlendis, deposit now!

What’s next?

Atlendis is invited by Tally Ho! to introduce the protocol during their next community call. It will take place on Thursday, August 4 on Tally’s Discord. More details to follow on Twitter.

Featuring Atlendis in July 2022

“Charlotte Eli, co-founder of Atlendis Labs, calls nevertheless for the term DeFi not to disappear, since its capital to highlight the difference with CeFi [for Centralized Finance]:

“CeFi platforms allow people to invest in crypto-assets, but manage the users’ tokens. In contrast, DeFi allows them to retain possession of their assets and remain in control at all times,” she says. […]

Charlotte Eli also insists on the pedagogy, which must allow DeFi “to benefit everyone”. According to her, it is due to a lack of pedagogy in DeFi that CeFi owes its success with consumers over it.”

  • Alexis presented “Bringing institutions into the Polygon ecosystem through Atlendis’ capital-efficient DeFi credit protocol” at Polygon Connect, on July 18 in Paris
  • Alexis was a guest speaker at EthCC on July 20 in Paris, and talked about the utility of under-collateralized lending for Web3 actors. Replay available here!

Open Positions

Interested in being part of the Atlendis Labs’ team? Atlendis Labs is hiring a Head of Sales and Partnerships.

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