Atlendis News | June 2022

Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

What happened at Atlendis Labs…

The Atlendis World has so much to recap for this extremely busy and exciting month of June! Here is an overview of the main news:

  • The Atlendis protocol went  L I V E  on June 7th 🥳
  • The Atlendis protocol crossed the $1M TVL milestone in less than 48 hours!
  • DeversiFi and ZigZag were the first two institutional borrowers upon launch, both opening USDC pools with a $5M maximum borrow capacity.
  • Video and written tutorials are available to help onboard users to the Atlendis protocol, and show how to lend on the dApp.
  • Atlendis’ Bug Bounty program is now live on Immunefi; Atlendis Labs is offering up to $50,000 to bounty hunters that will help secure the Atlendis protocol. ⛑
  • A blog article presenting DeversiFi to the Atlendis community was published on the blog and Medium.
  • The Atlendis protocol now has a specific front-end for the smart contracts deployed on the Görli and Kovan testnet networks at
  • Atlendis’ smart contracts are ready to be explored on 📊
  • Calling all data nerds who would like to share their data exploration and visualization dashboards of the Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts on the Atlendis Discord server. Efforts will be rewarded 💎

What’s next?

Featuring Atlendis in June 2022

“Atlendis is an early-stage project in the institutional DeFi space. The team is building a protocol enabling uncollateralised crypto loans, specifically for institutional borrowers seeking liquidity on the blockchain. In the “off-chain” world, the loans resemble revolving credit facilities, and they belong to a new frontier within DeFi that few protocols tackle. Definitely one to watch, cofounders Alexis Masseron, Stéphane Coquet [Charlotte Eli and Sylvain Laurent are all] ex-ConsenSys and have assembled a great team around them.”

  • Atlendis Labs participated in a livestream with DeFi Dad and showed a demo of the Atlendis protocol.
  • Atlendis was at the Brussels Blockchain Week conference from June 20-25th.
  • Polygon News welcomed Atlendis Labs’ co-founder and CEO Alexis Masseron for an AMA session. A replay of the Twitter space is available here.
  • Atlendis Labs’ co-founder and CEO Alexis was the guest of Aave Grants Community Call for a follow up discussion a year after the Aave Grants DAO awarded one to the Atlendis team.
  • The Gotchi French Army, a francophone Gotchiverse community, welcomed Alexis for a relaxed livestream and AMA on Twitch.

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