Atlendis News | March 2022

Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

Atlendis News | March 2022

What happened at Atlendis Labs…

So much happened in the Atlendis World during the month of March! Here is an overview:

What’s next?

  • Atlendis Labs will be present at Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13-14.
  • Atlendis Labs will host a side event during Paris Blockchain Week on April 13 and registration is open here.
  • If you are going to Amsterdam for the Devconnect week, you can also register here to meet the Atlendis Labs team for a “Capital-Efficient DeFi Happy Hour” co-hosted with CowSwap on April 18th.
  • Atlendis is cooking up its upcoming bug bounty program and will announce it on Discord, just in time for enthusiasts and bounty hunters to take a chance at testing Atlendis’ smart contracts.
  • Atlendis Labs will be at BlockSplit in Croatia from May 24-25, where Atlendis Labs’ Co-Founder and CEO Alexis Masseron will be speaking.

The launch is coming soon, buckle your seatbelts and… follow Atlendis’ Twitter.

Featuring Atlendis in March 2022

While the Atlendis protocol focuses on the financial aspect of the platform to make it fair and fully functional, it cannot vouch for the reputation of the borrowers involved. We are excited to partner with X-Margin, as onboarding X-Margin’s credit evaluation will provide more information on borrowers without revealing sensitive data, and thus attract lenders with verification that loans will be more secure.”

“The audit identified and highlighted some issues along with a number of informative findings. The Atlendis Labs team addressed all the issues and concerns raised during the audit and incorporated all the necessary changes in the smart contracts. Code changes were not part of the scope; however, the team conducted a lightweight best-effort review of a limited number of changes. Users interested in a more detailed and technical explanation about the findings can go over the full report in our GitHub repository.”

Recommended Readings

  • The Optimism ecosystem is booming as Optimism raises $150M and announces the $1B gas saving milestone! Will that optimistic rollup see the Atlendis World?

“The Optimism ecosystem has been BLOWING UP over the last few months. This week Optimism had the most contract deployments in a one week period ever (almost 850 deployments).”

“The firm’s key offering, the LayerZero protocol, which currently operates in beta version, is similar to a messaging layer enabling direct cross-chain communication. You can think of it as a decentralized form of SWIFT, the dominant communications platform used to route $5 trillion worth of daily transactions across its 11,000 member network. For example, with LayerZero, Ethereum applications will now be able to access liquidity on Serum, the decentralized exchange built on Solana.”

  • In The roads not taken, Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin writes a retrospective article on some of Ethereum’s key features and exposes context as to why the foundation went down this road and how roads not taken could have looked like.
  • For the listeners among you, here is a very interesting podcast on the techy yet fascinating topic of Zero Knowledge technology (not only ZK rollups but also ZK applications), by’s Anna Rose.

Open Positions

Interested in being part of the Atlendis Labs’ team? Atlendis Labs is hiring a Head of Sales and Partnerships and a Product Lead

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