Atlendis News | September 2022

Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

What happened at Atlendis Labs…

Here is an overview of the main news in September:

  • Parallel Capital, a high frequency market maker pursuing market neutral strategies, opened a USDT pool on the Atlendis protocol on September 28th. Credora gave Parallel Capital a 866/1000 or AA credit score, and the pool has a maximum borrow capacity of $5 million. More information about their use-case can be found here!
  • Parallel Capital started incentivizing its pool by distributing liquidity rewards. At the time of writing, the passive APY for Lenders in this pool is at 40.2% 🤩
  • Wintermute repaid their first loan of $500K on September 25th, bringing the total amount of loans emitted and repaid on Atlendis since the launch of the protocol to $2 million.
  • Atlendis Labs published a blog post here about borrower ZigZag Exchange, so lenders can learn more about their potential debtor before lending!
  • Atlendis Labs found itself a great little intern, don’t forget to follow them along their Web3 space exploration journey. 🚀

What’s next?

  • Online events:
    • On October 5th at 6pm CESTit’s today! 🗓 – Atlendis Labs is welcoming ZigZag’s Founder and Lead Dev Taureau for a community call and AMA. Here is the invite 💌
    • Atlendis’ first Community Town Hall planned in September had to be postponed and will finally take place on October 12 at 2pm CEST on Discord. Expect a retrospect on the protocol’s first months, several major announcements and a community open floor for questions and feedback. 
  • Crypto conferences the Atlendis Labs team will be attending:
  • If you’re going to one of these events, feel free to reach out on Discord, we would love to meet IRL!

Featuring Atlendis in September 2022

“Adopting similar functions from traditional finance such as a revolving line of credit is an example of Atlendis protocol differentiating itself amongst other DeFi lending platforms.  The Atlendis protocol is also helping to close the gap with CeFi offerings as other protocols will only offer lending to borrowers that can front some amount as collateral.”

“’The long-term idea is to build an ecosystem around Atlendis. We want to make technology available and ensure trust with independent audits, like what agencies like Moody’s do,’ says Alexis Masseron. […] ‘After what happened with Celsius Network and especially Three Arrows Capital (3AC), we are convinced that we must offer a space that could allow these centralized players to borrow, but in a much healthier way,’ continues the co-founder.”

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Open Positions

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