Statement to the Atlendis Community: Closure of the Pool

Atlendis announces the closure of the pool.

Current situation: 

Due to the low market activity at the moment, does not currently have high-demand for short-term collateral. 

Timeline of events: was among the first borrowers announced during the launch of the Atlendis protocol on June 7th, 2022. The pool opened for was denominated in USDC, with a maturity of 48 hours and a $5,000,000 borrowing capacity.

Next steps: will re-open a pool on Atlendis when high demand for short-term collateral returns. Atlendis thanks for their trust and looks forward to supporting in the future. 

Current lenders on Atlendis are encouraged to withdraw their funds from the pool. Funds will continue to earn interest on Aave until withdrawn. Lenders are able to participate in the other pools that are opened on Atlendis. 

Atlendis has a healthy borrower pipeline and additional AA-scored borrowers will be onboarded and announced to the community very soon. 

For more information please contact:

About, formerly DeversiFi, is a multi-chain, self-custodial DeFi platform hosted on layer 2, on top of the Ethereum blockchain. is the technological culmination of several years of decentralized exchange development. The team developed innovative solutions solving a number of crucial problems faced by decentralized exchanges with the end-goal of building a non-custodial exchange suitable for professional traders  — frequent day traders, algorithmic funds and arbitrage traders — while offering a speed and security advantage over existing centralized venues. In short, to deliver all the important pillars of profitable trading with all the advantages of self-custody.

About Atlendis

Atlendis is a decentralized credit protocol that enables transparent lending. There is no idle capital on Atlendis. Lenders can earn high interests on actively loaned out capital and unused capital is placed on a trusted third-party liquidity protocol. Atlendis enables higher returns for liquidity providers and more granular control over their risk profile. Institutional borrowers can obtain flexible and competitive loan terms. Liquidity pools on the Atlendis protocol are similar to revolving lines of credit, giving borrowers flexibility for recurrent and short term liquidity needs. Atlendis enables trusted borrowing and lending, opening a wide range of use cases for borrowers. | Whitepaper | LinkedIn | Twitter | Discord | Newsletter | Audit Report by Runtime Verification | Audit Report by PeckShield | Bug Bounty

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