Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Table of contents

  1. Introduction | Welcome to Atlendis
  2. Deposit on the Atlendis protocol
  3. Withdraw your funds
  4. Change your rate
  5. Sell your position
  6. Pool status, history and credit evaluation 

If you would rather watch the tutorials, here is a playlist of videos covering this article:

Introduction | Welcome To Atlendis

Atlendis is a DeFi protocol that enables authorized institutional actors – including DAOs, protocols and registered businesses in general – to open a specific borrowing pool for each crypto asset that they want to borrow, and take out a line of credit without the need for collateral.

Atlendis powers up institutions with uncollateralized lending by providing a non-dilutive financing option, thus closing the gap with traditional finance. DAOs can now take out a loan without impacting the health of their treasury. Atlendis also opens up new DeFi use-cases like fast withdrawals from one blockchain to another, or new cash management strategies.

The Atlendis protocol went live on June 7th, 2022 with two institutional borrowers upon launch, ZigZag and DeversiFi.

The Atlendis protocol stands-out with innovative features such as the separation of pools between borrowers and between tokens, thus isolating the risk and offering exposure granularity to lenders. The interest rate order book allows lenders to choose their preferred lending rate, and enables borrowers to obtain a fair rate for their loan as the result of a market rate discovery. Finally, the Atlendis protocol deposits inactive liquidity on Aave to benefit the protocol’s basis yield, and a partnership has been made with Credora to support on the whitelisting of borrowers, assess their creditworthiness, and provide a continuously updated credit score for each borrower on the Atlendis protocol.

For more information, the best is to join the Atlendis Discord and don’t hesitate to reach out to the team and the Atlendis community. Additional information can also be found in the documentation or the Atlendis V1 whitepaper.

Additional Resources

app.atlendis.io | Atlendis.io | Whitepaper | LinkedIn | Twitter | Discord | Newsletter | Audit reports 1 and 2

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